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Reliable Point-Of-Sale Systems for Transactions

Making the sale is job number one, which is why the point-of-sale system is the backbone of any retail or restaurant operation. Information Services Technology helps businesses in the Los Angeles, California, area complete sales smoothly and efficiently with our turnkey retail and restaurant POS systems. We have setups available for both single-store and multiple-store operations. Ask us about our technical support services, too.

Point of Sale Terminal

POS Systems

A complete POS system typically consists of an all-in-one touch screen computer, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a magnetic card reader, and POS software. This allows you handle all electronic transactions your company may carry out during a typical day of operation.

Retail Systems

When you have merchandise on the line, you want a reliable and effective way to receive payments from customers. That is where our retail POS system comes in. Our setup for retail locations includes everything in the general POS system along with a barcode scanner and a pole display.


Take orders from hungry customers quickly and easily with our restaurant point-of-sale systems. In addition to the typical POS system setup, a restaurant typically also needs a kitchen printer to communicate orders to the cook staff and a pole display.