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Comprehensive Network Infrastructure Design & Analysis

Whether your business has just a few employees or thousands, Information Services Technology has the expertise to assess, plan, design and implement network infrastructure and support services that meet your needs, your growth, and your budget. We meet the design and performance analysis needs of clients throughout the Los Angeles, California, area.

LAN Connection

From Intranets to Data Centers

From simple, single LAN/WAN solutions for very small businesses, to fully high-availability data center design for global business, the certified network engineers at ISTech can plan, implement, migrate, and maintain your network for optimum stability, security, and robust performance.

Our Local & Wide Area Network Services Include:
• Network Wellness Assessment
• Network Traffic Analysis & Bandwidth Optimization
• Remote Office Connectivity Design & Implementation
• Router & Switch Design, Configuration, & Implementation
• Upgrading/Migrating Legacy Systems To New Technology
• Network Management Tools & Procedures
• Converged Technologies for Voice, Data & Video
• Internet Connectivity & Backup Line