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Leasing Your Business Equipment

The rapid pace of obsolescence with information technology equipment lends itself to leasing. In fact, the majority of the companies on the Fortune 1000 use IT equipment leasing for at least a portion of their assets. Information Services Technology helps you set up leasing as a better approach to upgrades and technology use.

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Better Than Cash or Credit

Leasing provides an effective alternative to paying cash or using bank credit lines. This results in:

• Preserved Working Capital and Cash Reserves
• A Disciplined Approach To Technology Refresh
• A Match Between Financial Lifecycles To Your Technology's Useful Life
• Simplification Of Hardware Disposal

Low Lease Rates

When leasing from ISTech, you can expect very competitive lease rates, a quick response, and minimal lease paperwork, making the process simple and straightforward. In addition, we offer:

• Competitive 12-, 24-, & 36-Month Lease Rates On Used Hardware
• Inclusion Of Software & Services Into the Lease Rate, Resulting In One Easy Payment
• No Money Down Leases for Qualified Customers
• Dollar Buy-Out Option At the End Of the Lease
• Flexible Upgrades Throughout the Term Of the Lease